The Ins and Outs of Who and Why

Here’s just a little bit about me and why this challenge.

Right up front, let’s make it clear, this is not intended as a health challenge.  I’m not a health guru.  I’m about as far from that as I can get.  By any health chart, I’m classified as obese, the only exercise I get is at work, and although I don’t have any serious health issues, I’m reminded at every doctor checkup that I’m in the ‘at risk’ group for several obesity related illnesses if I don’t make some changes.

So, a few years back I joined a popular weight loss program, and did very well, thank you.  I lost 50 pounds in about three and a half months.  What I got for a thank you were gall bladder stones.  I had to have my gall bladder removed as a result.  No one told me that rapid weight loss commonly caused these stones or else I would have done a slower loss program.  Oh well, water under the bridge, right?  Well, not quite.  I just had another surgery to repair a hernia at the incision line of the first surgery.  As I write, I’m recovering from that surgery.

However, this is not a whiners blog!  I was taught by my very wise father, all through my life, to look forward, not back!  And so I am here to challenge myself to make small slow changes that will stick.  No more rapid weight loss!  I just want to eat healthier, feel better, and share my experiences for anyone who wants to take the ride with me.

So why vegetables?  Simply, vegetables have become my nemesis!  Although while growing up, I would prefer ice cream over vegetables, I would eat them.  Some I hated, but some I loved.  Now, not so much.  What happened?  I have theories.

First and probably most importantly, vegetables from the supermarket these days seem to taste like cardboard.  Am I the only one who notices the tasteless blobs of multicolored nothingness that we’ve all been expected to endure?  While growing up I was blessed with two grandmothers and a father who cultivated gardens with a tasty variety of vegetables!  I was sometimes found in my grandmother’s garden yanking out carrots and brushing off the dirt and just chomping away.  Or sitting and eating raw green beans right off the vine.  They were spectacular then.  Now they’re frozen and microwaved and….  meh.

Secondly, I grew up and work full-time.  I get home at seven o’clock at night and have no energy to make full meals so I eat the requisite tv dinner.  It’s true I’ve found some dinners that are better, with no preservatives and they have more vegetables in them.  And sometimes I spend Sundays making homemade tv dinners for the week.  But they are still not as tasty as I would like.  Mealtime is almost always a let down.  You wouldn’t think it by looking at me.  I look like I must really enjoy my food.  But I don’t.  Which brings me to…

Lastly, like a lot of people I eat WAY too much drive thru fast food and junk food!  I really believe I do this in an attempt to satisfy the taste factor.  Burgers, fries, tacos and all the other varieties always seem to taste great going down.  They should with as many calories as they hold.  Of course, I always feel gross afterwards and yet always seem to still want more of the fat, salt and sugar delights.  I never feel truly satisfied.

I know that I feel more satiated when I eat my veggies.  I don’t snack as much.  I have more energy.  And overall I feel better.  But for crying out loud, can’t they be a better experience?  I am determined to find a way!  If you feel the same way, I encourage you to join me and share your recipes and thoughts!